autonomic_pilot (autonomic_pilot) wrote,

Ironic church is ironic

In hopes of speeding the arrival of armageddon, a church in Florida has decided to make 9/11 into their own little book burning holiday.  Burn A Quran Day is something they're reconsidering now that there have been protests in other countries (but they only partially count because their skin is a different color and they pray to obviously false gods) and a generalized warning from the military that such an act could spur many acts of retribution against soldiers serving in the countries populated by the offended.

Yes, it's all sad and stupid, but I've grown somewhat accustomed to that sentiment.  The thing that caught my eye is the name of the church: Dove World Outreach Church.

I suppose you could consider this outreach, but not in the traditional sense.  Or maybe it is traditional... this is a fundie church, after all.  Huh.

It gets better!  Their website says they plan to "...expose Islam as a violent and oppressive religion."  Seriously guys.  Are you trolling us?  I think you're trolling us.  Nobody is *that*... oh, wait.  Nevermind.

I could go on and on about how the radicals who crash planes into buildings and our radicals are just the same but using different tactics, but that's too easy.  Instead I'm going to get a sad chuckle out of their idiocy and hope that their example will drive more people from this kind of "spiritual fulfillment" if you could call it that.  I know that for me, the church's own hypocrisy was an excellent shove down the path that led to me leaving it behind.

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