autonomic_pilot (autonomic_pilot) wrote,

Hiring again

Time for more amusement:

Today I received a cover letter that was filled with spelling errors, addressed to Hiring Manager, and mentioned nothing about the job I'm offering.  It just rambled on and on about how his hard work ethic and his totally unrelated job experience would make him a perfect addition to my team and blah blah blah I totally cut and pasted this blah blah blah. 

Don't care enough to at least put my name, the company name, or the job title in the letter?  That's 2 1/2 strikes if I *don't* have other applicants already.  Psst:  I do have other applicants. 

But wait!  It gets better.  He sent me a 1 and 1/8 page resume.  That's right, he needed another 3 lines to fit all his irrelevant work experience including a job at Lowes and his work as a handyman for an apartment complex. 

Bad pilto*!  Bad. 

The cherry on top was that his job objective on the resume was for an Airport Manager.  Sorry dude, you applied for the wrong job.

 Query:  Do I email him back and kindly thank him for the resume, but point out that we don't have any airport manager positions available?  Is that being too nice and helping out somebody with sub-par motivation?  Am I doing a disservice to the harder working peers of this fellow?  Or is this a, "Hey.  Shape your shit up," kind of opportunity where I help?  

Applicant number two eagerly applied for the job in Phoenix.  I didn't offer a job in Phoenix.  The rest was ok, but I still consider that a strike. 

If anybody reading this ever wants me to go over their resume or cover letter to help find little things, I'd be happy to do so.  After 9 years of accepting applications and hiring, I'd have an opinion to offer.  Keep in mind that my field of experience isn't exactly common, but I could offer some take-it-or-leave-it points.

*Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose.  See earlier rants for a reference but you could  probably guess.

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